Ladies Styles


I am the owner and an active stylist/colorist at the salon. I have been in the hair industry for over twenty-five years. The salon has been the center of our family life for many years.


Jen is one or our top colorist/stylists and we’ve worked together for over twenty five years. She has been an intricate part of our team because of her vast knowledge of color, good eye, and dedication to education.


Tracy has a gift to recognize a persons natural beauty and to magnify it. It is important to her to consult with every client who sits in her chair to understand their desires and hair concerns


Cheryl has been an active stylist with us for twenty two years. She is a hard working steady stylist who tries to give her clients exactly what they want. I would say if you’re looking for someone you can count on, Cheryl is your girl. When it comes to cutting hair Cheryl excels in short […]


Dee has been a stylist for 15 years. She is a friendly outgoing person who listens to her clients closely to identify their hair care needs.


Kathy has been a hairstylist for over twenty years. She has a love for clothes and fashion, but her true passion is hair.


Jamie has been a stylist for twenty years and our first employee! She loves getting to know her clients and she has a great sense of humor which her clients come back for time and time again.


Chis has been a stylist for over twenty years. Her full career spent at Jacqui’s! Everyone loves Chris. She has a loving personality and her clients become attached to her because of this.


Andrea has been a stylist for over 20 years. Making people feel good about themselves when they leave is what she finds most rewarding.


Haley has been honing her craft in the salon for years and is excited to be on the floor as a junior stylist.
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